What About a Friendship With God?

What if God's love is the key to the emptiness in your life? Many of us have discovered that the void inside cannever be filled by more stuff, more achievement, more activity, or more of anything in this world...because it's a God-shaped vacuum.

You and I were designed for a close, loving relationship with our Maker. Only when you join hands with Him can you discover what He made you for and all He designed you to be. Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Life to the full! God's design for your life is rich and full and meets all the deepest needs of your heart.

If you're ready to reach out your hand to Him, only one thing stands between you and Him. We all know that we've thought, said, and done things that were selfish, proud, or greedy. We've missed the mark of the love God designed us for. Our wrongs stand between us and God. They must be taken away in order for us to begin a relationship with Him. But no human being has the power to remove this barrier.

That's why Jesus came. His death on the cross paid the debt for us. God accepted this payment by raising Him from the dead. Now the way to God is open for anyone who chooses to accept this gift. The forgiveness of your sins will bring fullness of life that is eternal -- and it's all a gift that's bought and paid for. To reach out and take it, all you have to do is believe God loves you that much. If you do, you can tell Him so right now. Maybe something like this:

God, I know that my sins have kept me apart from You. But I want to know You now. Please take away my sins and come into my life. I believe that You love me so much that You sent Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross just to make a way for me to come to You today. Thank You. Please show me how to have an ever-growing friendship with You.

If this is your prayer today, Welcome to the Family of God!

Pastor Randy would be happy to share with you how to keep this new relationship growing. Please feel free to drop him a note on the Contact Us page, or call 480-598-9985.

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Welcome to Friendship Community Church of Ahwatukee

Life is relationships ...with family, with friends, with co-workers. When your relationships are good, life is rich. When they are strained, life can be painful.

The most important thing you and I can do is to build loving relationships with God and each other. But many of us feel a void in this area when our lives pull us in so many other directions.

There is help.

Friendship Community Church exists to help you build the loving relationships that make life meaningful and complete. Here the bonds of friendship overcome the differences that keep us apart. People from diverse backgrounds who come into a friendship with Jesus Christ support each other in learning to live a new kind of life. A love-focused life. You'll find the excitement of love-focused relationships in the youth groups, the children's ministry, and many adult small groups and activities. You'll find all ages, singles, couples, and seniors becoming family to one another, caring for each other's needs.

So what do you say?

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we want to be friends with you as you take the next step. Come home to an accepting family where you can get involved at a pace that is comfortable to you. We've been praying for you already and can't wait to meet you.

Life is Relationships.


Friendship Community Church of Ahwatukee


Sunday Worship Service: 10:00am
Wednesday Bible Study: 6:30pm






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Travis Dale, Pastor of Student Ministries